Stormwater Management

Water is our most valuable resource and must be treated as such, which is why stormwater management is vital. The lack of (fresh) water is one of our biggest urban challenges. We make it possible to create truly circular, nature-based, on-site solutions for sustainable water management in cities.

What is sustainable urban stormwater management?

Sustainable stormwater management, also called low impact development (LID), describes the urban planning and engineering design approach to manage and reduce stormwater runoff and focuses on improving water quality while delivering environmental, social and economic benefits.

How does stormwater form a problem in urban areas?

Stormwater runoff is a major cause of water pollution in urban areas. When rain falls on roofs, streets and parking lots in cities, the water can't infiltrate into the soil as it should. Stormwater drains through gutters, storm sewers, and other engineered collection systems before being discharged into local bodies of water. The stormwater runoff transports all kind of pollutants from the urban landscape. Higher flows resulting from heavy rains can also cause erosion and flooding in urban streams, damaging habitat, property, and infrastructure. Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and other elements and practices to restore some of the natural, circular processes required to manage water and create healthier urban environments.

Our solution for proper on-site stormwater management

On-site stormwater management starts with healthy trees. Unfortunately, most urban trees fail to thrive. This is because more often than not, their roots lack the required space to grow. Consequently, our solutions for stormwater runoff management start with creating the perfect environment for trees to grow and to deal with runoff water. This solution takes the form of the Treebuilders’ TreeParker system. This soil containment system maximizes available space belowground. Thus, it provides unlimited expansion for trees to grow, while preventing root heave. So, how does this help with on-site stormwater management? The system deals with rainwater runoff at the source, rather than let it run in the sewers.

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