There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for tree planting space layouts. Every project is different from any other; the circumstances, quantities, accessibility, tree size, budget, etc. Together we search for the best urban tree planting solution.

Our objective is to provide you with advice relating to all available options and, if applicable, the specific option that best suits your project. In this way we can help you select the right urban tree planting system that meets your specified design goal. We are pleased to share our knowledge acquired by implementing more than 1,400 structural soil cell systems throughout the world.

There are many economic benefits associated with a longer tree lifespan and the creation of larger, healthier urban trees. In addition to the economic benefits, the improved quality of life produced by trees and the landscaped areas in our cities are of major importance. We are pleased to share our knowledge in this field of expertise with you, by e-mail or with a visit to your location. Alternatively, you can visit our presentation area in Heeswijk-Dinther in the Netherlands where all our products are on display. 

Our specialists will gladly assist and provide you with the following services:

  • Investigate the use of various urban tree planting solutions for your project.
  • Perform soil volume calculations so that your targeted result becomes a reality.
  • Develop a complete design of the tree pit layout. 
  • Review your drawings and specifications, optimise your tender documents and forward them to contractors.
  • Design rainwater intake by urban trees (bioretention).
  • Provide assistance during implementation.

We are pleased to share this knowledge with you in various ways:

  • Presentation on tree pit design options: from structural soil to suspended pavement systems.
  • Presentation on stormwater management by trees; underground bioretention.
  • Standard detailed drawings for various solutions and associated tender documents.
  • Product training and/or installation training.


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