TreeParker system

Modular structural soil cell system including stormwater management

The soil cells within our urban tree planting system offer the most ideal circumstances for trees to thrive underneath the pavement.  

Our TreeParker system is the latest generation of underground soil containment systems for trees in hard landscaping. The TreeParker system provides large volumes of uncompacted high-quality soil and maximizes the usable space underneath the ground. Providing unlimited expansion for unimpeded root growth, at the same time as supporting traffic loadings. It is ideal for new trees in areas such as pavements, car parks, plazas, green roofs and even green walls.

TreeParker has been developed from the experience gained by extensive trials, projects and discussions with landscape architects, clients, contractors and nurseries to provide the most cost effective, fit for purpose solution to the problems associated with growing large trees in urban environments.

In addition to the key functions, such as withstanding heavy traffic loads, whilst maintaining pavement integrity and providing an unimpeded root growth, TreeBunker™ also promotes stormwater management within the system, dealing with rainwater run off at source, the ideal SuDS solution.

Key elements taken into consideration for the development process were the need of simple design, easy installation, sustainability, integration of existing and new utilities, variable unit depth and free void space available for soil infill.

Our engineering department gladly assists you in making construction calculations and professionally drawn tree pit layouts. We provide full design and installation support from project through all stages to project delivery. 


  • Variable system height, between 400mm and 1400mm.
  • Designed to support heavy traffic loads whilst maintaining pavement integrity.
  • Provides unhindered root growth for large species of trees.
  • Quick and cost effective installation and easy to fill with any soil.
  • Large spacing between legs of structure ensures roots will grow without being restrained.
  • Made from 100% recyclable, long lasting and inert plastics.
  • Modular system for design flexibility.
  • TreeParker can be installed in curves down to 5m radius without additional products.
  • Utility friendly, designed for easy utility maintenance and repair.
  • Combines storm water management and root growth, up to 25% of the volume is available for water infiltration.
  • Up to 95% volume available for soil infill.
  • Withstands vertical and lateral loadings.

Made from 100% recyclable, long lasting and inert plastics

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